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MHSAA Physical Form


Prior to any school sport participation each student-athlete must have this form completed and submitted to Athletic Office.

MHSAA Health Questionnaire 2020-21


This form is available to use for those who have a current 2019-2020 MHSAA Physical Form on file. This can be filled out by parents and students to avoid going to the doctor for a new physical for 2020-2021.

MHSAA Eligibility Brochure


Transportation Permission


To have your student-athlete ride with another adult to or from a contest, this form must be signed and given to coach prior to event.

LCS - Accident Insurance Form


We are fortunate to offer additional insurance coverage if your insurance does not cover all costs associated with an injury.

MHSAA Catastrophic Insurance (9th-12th only)


MHSAA provides all of its member school with a Catastrophic Accident Medical Insurance Policy with pays up to $500,000 for medical expenses left unpaid by other insurance after a deductible of $25,000 per claim in paid medical expenses has been met.

College Bound Athletes... NCAA Guide


An essential document to review for a family seeking to see their student-athlete participate in College athletics!


3D Coaching - Parent Video